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Westbound Deck Rehab Project

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) is in the process of replacing the bridge deck surface in the right lane of the westbound span. As part of the $27 million deck rehabilitation project, work includes making deck repairs, sealing the bridge deck, and replacing existing lane-use signal gantries and steel rail posts. The right lane of the westbound span is closed 24/7.

The deck surface of the right lane has reached the end of its service life and is severely deteriorated. This presents a number of safety risks, given the frequency of patching and emergency holding patches. In one section of the lane, 75% of the area is patched and deteriorated. In much of the lane, half of the area is patched and deteriorated. Delaying this needed work would turn a deck overlay into a more involved, lengthier, and much more costly full-depth re-decking.

The MDTA is moving forward on a series of steps to shorten the duration of the project and mitigate the traffic impact on commuters, visitors, and local residents.



As the winter season approaches, and with the 24/7 milling operation 100% complete (thanks to MDTA’s engineers and the hard-working crews), Bay Bridge work has begun the transition into the cold weather season.

Approximately 54% of the latex modified concrete (LMC) has already been laid on the westbound right lane. This was achieved in part through the off-peak weekday westbound center lane closures, which are part of MDTA’s continued efforts to shorten the duration of the bridge project and mitigate traffic impact on commuters, visitors, and local residents. Crews were able to take advantage of warmer days to pour concrete well into November. We thank local residents and motorists for their patience.

Due to our significant achievements and completion of the milling operations, our seasonal construction schedule is being revised, and the work crews have been reduced in size since their work is completed. During the winter months, planned work will still take place to remove and replace the roadway joints, repair the full depth deck punctures, and remove and replace steel railings and rail posts. The westbound right lane will remain closed 24/7, as nearly half of the deck has not yet been resurfaced. Once the deck is milled, the milled section cannot support traffic.  

Our aggressive goal is to complete the project in the first year/construction season with us potentially working into May 2020. However, we cannot guarantee that timeline due to the key role weather plays in this type of work. Please keep in mind, as the weather warms and all phases of work resume, traffic volumes will also start to increase.  We ask our motorists and communities to please bear with us as we continue steps to expedite the timeline of this project.

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QACTV - The Bay Bridge Deck Rehabilitation Project - A Closer Look:


Project News Updates:

Project Traffic Advisories:

Bay Bridge Westbound Roadwork Schedule*

Year 1: Sept. 30, 2019 - May 2020**

  • Sept 30, 2019 - April 2020
    • Right lane closed 24/7
  • May 2020
    • Right lane closures possible based on work progress
  • Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day 2020
    • Right lane fully reopened for summer travel season

* The above time line is for year one. The project will last two years.
** Schedule may change due to variables such as work progress and weather.


Here's what you need to know:

  • Expect major delays.
  • The right lane on the westbound Bay Bridge will be closed due to deck rehabilitation.
  • Effective September 24, 2019 no two-way traffic operations (one eastbound lane is directed onto westbound span for three eastbound lanes) except during emergencies.
  • Stay alert in work zones.

Additional Information:

Commuter Resources:

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