The best times to travel the Bay Bridge this week include:

  •          Wednesday through Sunday before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

 Game Plan for your travels.

  •         Call 511 or visit for statewide travel information.  To view real-time traffic camera images on MDTA roadways, visit
  •          Follow the MDTA at and
  •         Call 1-877-BAYSPAN (229-7726) for 24/7 Bay Bridge traffic conditions.  Visit to view traffic cameras at the bridge and to sign up for email alerts.
  •         For current toll rates, visit and click on Toll Rate Calculator.

For your safety and the safety of other motorists and emergency personnel:

  •          Obey posted speed limits and overhead lane-control signals.
  •          Devote your full attention to driving it is illegal to text and use hand-held cell phones while driving in Maryland.
  •          Law requires that every passenger in a moving vehicle be secured with a seat belt or child safety restraint.
  •          Keep a safe following distance to avoid rear-end collisions.
  •          Keep your eyes on the road do not sight-see, especially on bridges.
  •          Do not change lanes while traveling over bridges and through tunnels.
  •          Make sure your vehicle is road ready.
  •          If your vehicle becomes disabled, remain inside and call #77 for assistance.
  •          Move over when passing an emergency situation.  If you are unable to move over, slow down.  This includes maintenance, police, fire, EMS or any emergency vehicle using visual signals while stopped.
  •          Drunk Driving. Over the limit. Under Arrest.